Chanel Classic Bag-Shaper

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This Bag-Shaper is uniquely designed for use with the Chanel classic bag.

When placed into your bag, the Bag-Shaper will help your bag maintain its correct shape, preserving your luxury bag's shape and preventing unsightly crumpling, creasing, folding or cracking of the exterior leather or skin. 

A convenient pocket keeps your receipt, raincoat, and important papers safely and conveniently together within your luxury bag.

This Bag-Shaper is constructed using select materials which do not loose shape ensuring the Bag-Shaper stays firm.  Filling is hypo-allergenic.

All Bag-Shaper are designed, and constructed by hand in the UK.

If you require a bespoke Bag-shaper , please contact us to discuss.

- Please be aware that you are liable for any duties, customs and taxes levied by the country your order is being shipped to.

You should always store all your leather products in a cool, dry place. Your purchase is for the Bag-Shaper ONLY any handbag or accessory is shown for demonstration purposes only.
Colour shade may be slightly different in real.
Bag-Shaper, Material:  Outer Cotton twill 35%poly 65%cotton, Inner (100% Polyester)

Avenard Couture team are located in London, United Kingdom.  We buy, sell and ship  bag-shaper globally including Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and the USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and all of continental Europe.  If you have a question about shipping our team are here to help.

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