Hermès Birkin Bag-Organiser

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This super convenient Bag-Organiser is uniquely designed for use with the Hermès Birkin bag.

When placed into your bag, the Bag Organiser will simplify your everyday life, creating the perfect section to help you keep all your essentials exactly where you want them.  

There are 5 perfectly sized pockets and one pen pocket to organise your bag.  You'll never need to go hunting in the bottom of your bag for your wallet, phone or keys again. 

The Bag-Organiser allows you to quickly change bags to suit your look, simply lift out and transfer to your preferred Birkin.  This organiser also helps to keep the lining of your beloved Birkin clean by providing a layer between your makeup and your precious Birkin. 

This Bag Organiser  is constructed using select materials which  hallow you to fold it very easy. 

Bag Organiser  are designed, and constructed by hand in the UK.

If you require a bespoke Bag-Organiser , please contact us to discuss.

- Please be aware that you are liable for any duties, customs and taxes levied by the country your order is being shipped to.

You should always store all your leather products in a cool, dry place. Your purchase is for the Bag-Shaper ONLY any handbag or accessory is shown for demonstration purposes only.
Colour shade may be slightly different in real.
Bag-Organiser, Material:  Outer Cotton twill 35%poly 65%cotton

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