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Founded in 1837 the Hermès fashion house is still a family owned business over 180 years later.  Known initially for their horse bridles and saddlery, evolution of the house of Hermès into women's fashion brought about the iconic Kelly and Birkin handbags.   Hermès has produced a range of stunning handbags one we particularly love is the Hermès Picotin. Let’s review the picotin, or click here to shop our current collection.

What is a Hermès Picotin?

The picotin is a simply styled bucket bag which exudes relaxed sophistication.  True to Hermès equestrian heritage picotin is a reference to a measure of oats used to feed a horse.  The bucket style of the picotin is drawn from the horse feed basket that would have held the picotin of oats.  Picotin hardware is normally gold or palladium finished.  You'll notice in picotin product listings references to PHW (Palladium HardWare) or GHW (Gold HardWare).

hermes picotin 18 bucketbag  palladium hardware twilly styling tutorial double bow twilly  luxury designer handbag Avenard Couture preloved luxury designer handbags

Picotin is available commonly in clemence or epsom  leather, occasionally you can find a picotin in excotic skin and suede which are the rarest.  Recently  we did see a stunning picotin in a wool felt, one to keep your eye out for.   Hermès picotin is available in sizes  18cm / 22cm / 26cm.

How to pronounce Hermès picotin?

Phonetically we would pronounce this as “Pee-Co-Tuh”.

Where can I find a Picotin organiser?

We understand that a bucket bag can be at times awkward to arrange and find your things.  With this in mind Avenard Couture are developing an organiser specifically to fit the picotin.  It will be similar in function to our birkin bag-organiser   If you are interested please contact us for an update on availability, or  click here to shop our current collection..

 Is Hermès picotin worth buying?

Our team say yes the Hermès picotin is worth buying and definitely a sound addition to your collection. While not recognised as iconic as the birkin or kelly, the picotin is a beautifully designed bag.  The execution of this design is impeccable.  The bag itself is a realisation of a luxe interpretation of an everyday item.  A refined and balanced design which demonstrates how restraint in design really does produce the most exquisite outcomes.  Vintage picotin Hermès are stunning, keep an eye out for one for your collection. You can click here to search our current collection.

hermes picotin 18 bucketbag  palladium hardware twilly styling tutorial classic wrap twilly  luxury designer handbag Avenard Couture-min

Is Hermès picotin discontinued or Hermès picotin hard to get?

This is a question which comes up quite often.  The picotin is definitely still being produced in France, however not all colors or combinations are being continually produced.  The classic black (Noir), etain, etoupe and gold are continually being made, being wardrobe staple colors, at times they can be difficult to find due to demand. Recently we have seen some exciting seasonal colorations in a range of two tones such as the Rouge Tomate, Framboise/ Rouge sellier, Rose Mexico / Rose Extreme / Rouge De Coeur, Vert Cypres/Blue Nuit/Noir. These seasonal colorations are in limited supply.  If you see one you love its worth picking it up then as you may not see if again. Some vintage colors to keep an eye out for include Hermès picotin abricot, anemone, craie, blue jean, rose jaipur, vert criquet, vert bosphore, vert cypress, vert vertigo, vert verone, white, jaune de naples (yellow), Rouge Casaque taupe and gris asphalt

Hermes picotin rouge sellier PHW vintage luxury Avenard-couture-preloved-preowned-vintage-luxury-designer-handbags-hermes-birkin-picotin-kelly-danse-chanel-boy-gucci-marmont-fendi-balenciaga-ysl-saint-laurent-bottega-veneta-louis-vuitton-lv-monogram-celine

If you are having trouble finding the picotin you want, our sourcing team will be happy to assist. There is no additional charge for us to source for you.  

 How much Hermès picotin?

The preloved/preowned picotin market very much depends on the following factors.  The bag’s size, condition, and the number which are available for resale at that time.  We have seen pricing from around £2000 through to £5000, pricing depends on the individual picotin you are looking at. For accurate pricing you can shop our current collection here.

 How to wear Hermès picotin

The picotin is a fun bucket bag with a relaxed style.  The picotin by Hermès consists of an unlined leather outer, a pair of reinforced leather handles with exposed sellier stitching, and a single strap which can be used as a closure.  The Hermès picotin is finished with a discrete Kelly lock closure. Hermès picotin is the ideal day bag.  While Hermès picotin is not produced with a strap, keep reading if you are interested in how to wear it as a crossbody bag.

Can I get a Hermès picotin with a strap?

This has been a surprisingly common question.  hermes picotin 18 bucketbag  palladium hardware crossbody strap styling luxury designer handbag Avenard Couture-min

Hermès are yet to produce a strap for the picotin.  Being a bucket bag style it really does lend itself to a cross-body strap. Quite a number of clients have commented on this.  Our founder Jonathan has found a strap solution for his Hermès picotin, which may be an option for you.  Jonathan has an Hermès picotin 26, which he pairs with the strap from his Hermès evelyne.  He finds this to be quite an adequate solution which increases the functionality of his Hermès picotin.  We would not advise this as an everyday solution as the Hermès picotin hasn't been designed for this pairing.  It may be an occasional alternative you like to try.  Here you can see that Jonathan has turned a Hermès picotin 18 into a cross body bag with a repurposed strap from an Hermès evelyne.

Can I style a Hermès picotin with a twilly?

preloved hermes picotin twilly styling you'll love how we use preloved and vintage hermes to create personal style in seconds. twilly can be tied to birkin kelly herbag and constance

Yes you can style an Hermès picotin with a twilly.  It's a great way to customise your Hermès picotin to your personality.  To start, we advise you try a full bow on the side of the handle.  Then you can experiment with the classic wrap, with or wihtout a bow, the double bow, then you are ready to style the tressage, tail bow and the rose each will help you to express your unique style.  Make your picotin stand out as yours

Hermès picotin or Hermès Garden Party?

When shopping for an Hermès picotin, many of our clients consider the Hermès Garden Party. We do ask our clients to consider their needs.  Garden Party is a tote, and a  larger bag than the picotin.  For many clients this is a deciding factor. Bag size is fashion trend driven, right now smaller bags are in, however trends change. We would suggest you assess the size of the bag you require and the materials you are attracted to.  Garden party is available in both canvas and leather outers, Hermès picotin is available in a range of leathers and colors.  If you love Hermès lock detail then Hermès picotin is the bag for you.  Garden Party is a simple and functional bag, a classic tote which is an ideal entry-level Hermès handbag.  Click here to shop our current collection.

 Hermès picotin or Hermès Lindy

hermes picotin bucket bag styled with twilly in a tail bow fashion love preloved preowned secondhand hermes picotin birkin kelly evelyne herbag constance vintage

A question occasionally asked of our team.  The Hermès picotin is a bucket bag and Lindy a more slouched bag with a sporty style.  Both Hermès picotin and Lindy can be difficult to find in the Hermès color and finish you love.  This is a tough question, both bags are favorites of our team, we would suggest comparing the options available to you and making the best choice for yourself. If you’d like advice our team will be happy to discuss with you.  

How do you authenticate Hermès picotin?

Our sourcing team have been highly trained to authenticate Hermès picotin.  Avenard couture relies upon both their experience to discern an authentic picotin Hermès their expertise is supported by the latest technologies.  Avenard couture has invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an important resource to support both our authentication team and our clients.  For us it is imperative that our clients are secure in the knowledge that every luxury item that they receive from Avenard Couture is genuine.  We also provide an authentication service which may be of interest to you, our team can authenticate your bag click here for further information can be found here.

 Hermès picotin real vs fake (counterfeit)

Our team of authenticators have put together a short reference guide which could help you to quickly identify a fake, or counterfeit Hermès picotin.  This guide is not exhaustive and we will always recommend you use an authentication service such as the one we offer.  If you do decide to authenticate a bag yourself, Avenard Couture cannot accept any responsibility for your decision to buy your bag from an alternate supplier.

 Authenticating an Hermès picotin, real vs counterfeit (fake/dupe)

Avenard Coture offer an authentication service. Protect yourself from costly mistakes.  Here are some of the easier checks you can make on an Hermès picotin.

Check the dust-bags for both the clochette and bag, 

hermes picotin authentication service available from avenard couture where you will find authentic hermes birkin kelly herbag constance and other designer luxury handbags preloved preowned vintage chanel dior fendi saint laurent louis vuitton
  • A genuine Hermès dust-bag will have the logo alone and will not have the name Hermès printed on it
  • Ink of the Hermès horse and carriage logo is a brown color, any other color is likely fake
  • Print of the iconic Hermès carriage logo should be crisp, any blurring, misprint or misalignment is indicative of a fake
  • Drawstring should be a good quality
Check the clochette
  • Check the stitches - if they are machine stitched is likely not genuine, Hermès use a sumptuous saddle stitch
  • There should be double stitching at the opening of the clochette. If you only see single stitches it's likely not a genuine Hermès picotin
  • The Hermès clochette should be attached directly to the key using a looped leather. If the key is on a metal ring then attached to the clochette, is likely not a genuine Hermès picotin
  • When you retract the keys into the Hermès clochette they should be completely concealed. If the key is visible out the end, it is likely not to be genuine.
Check the padlock
  • On the bottom of the padlock next to the keyhole, you should see some details laser engraved into the metal.  If the details are printed into the metal it is likely that this is not genuine Hermès
  • Check the documentation, fonts and color should match Hermès standards
  • Does the bag have an authentication card?  If so it's likely a fake as Hermès does not provide these cards.
The bag
  • Is there plastic on the handle? This is likely fake
  • Structure of the bag - if it looks folded and flat
  • Is it real leather?  An Hermès bag should smell of leather
  • Is it vegan leather?  Vegan leather is generally a type of plastic, Polyurethane (PU) leather is the most common. It has a chemical smell.  Hermès does not yet produce using any of these materials.  If you smell chemicals, its likely a fake
  • The Hermès picotin stitching should all be using a saddle stitch which is entirely by hand. If the stitches are very uniform and evenly spaced this is likely machine stitching and likely a fake
  • Stress points should have double stitching to help give the bag strength, if all the stitches are single, this is likely a fake
  • Hermès Logo - should be clear, even and aligned.
The seller
  • We advise you only buy from reputable sellers with established networks.  You may get lucky on a trading site like ebay, however this comes at more risk.   As a general rule, if the price is too good to be true, then it’s likely too good to be true. 

Ready to find your next Hermès?  Click here to shop our current collection now.

Hermès Picotin Unboxing video

If you want to know what’s in the box, you can see that here 

Where do Avenard Couture ship Hermès picotin to?

Avenard Couture can deliver any of our Hermès picotin globally, most people ask after Australia, Canada, Dubai, Deutschland (Germany), France, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Mykonos, Singapore, UK, UAE, or the USA.  Rest assured that we can deliver to all these locations.  Contact us if you have any questions. 

hermes picotin styled with a rose twilly sophisitated hermes style get yours today search the collection of preowned preloved designer luxury hermes at avenard couture

The Avenard Couture team are located in London, United Kingdom.  We buy, sell and ship Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, YSL, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and more luxury designer handbags globally including Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and the USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and all of continental Europe.  If you have a question about shipping our team are here to help. 


Ready to find your next Hermès?  Click here to shop our current collection now.

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