Hermès Herbag - A bag in high-demand!

Posted by Jonathan Delmas

Reminiscent of the origins of the luxury house Hermès, the Herbag is a dynamic bag which demands attention. From the leather straps, and flap, the "clou de selle" closure and the canvas outer. 

Hermès Herbag is a bag you will admired for wearing. Bold styling and defined structure makes the Herbag ideal for both women and men. Evoking a casual spin on the classic functional styling of the Hermès Kelly bag, the Herbag is perfect for any casual event. Both versatile and uniquely styled with a comfortable curved handle.</td>

Which Size Herbag best for me?

The Hermès Herbag is available in three sizes each with large interiors and an attached pouch bag.  Herbag's nod to Hermès heritage design has given us this strong, clean well proportioned and very functional bag.  Neither feminine or masculine the Herbag is definitely a unisex piece you will want in your collection. I personally own the GM as I find the larger bag proportion looks great on me and the size suits my personal style.  Ultimately bag trends change, today styles in demand may be large, tomorrow may be small and even micro. Your personal preference should guide you.  We are happy to advise you, please get in touch.

Size Chart for Hermes Herbag shop designer handbag collection Avenard CoutureHermes herbag brown designer luxury vintage handbag  from avenard couture




Featuring a range of interchangeable canvas outers, the Hermès Herbag is truly a bag for all seasons. 

Caring for your Hermès Herbag

Like any Hermès, its important to look after your Herbag in storage, avoid crumpling and creasing with the Bag-Shaper specifically designed for the Herbag.   See how the Bag-Shaper can protect your Herbag by clicking here.

The Herbag is in demand. If you don't see one in our collection, then please contact us.  Our specialist team will track one down for you.  WhatsApp our team on +44(0)7876 621072, or email  info@avenardcouture.com

 The Avenard Couture team are located in London, United Kingdom.  We buy, sell and ship Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, YSL, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and more luxury designer handbags globally including Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and the USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and all of continental Europe.  If you have a question about shipping our team are here to help. 

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