Hermès birkin - which size is best for you?

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Which size the right size Hermès birkin for you

This is such a common question.  We advise clients who are considering their first Hermès birkin to take the time to consider their needs before they commit to a specific bag. We are sharing our advice, please get in touch if you require any further information, our team are happy to assist you. WhatsApp our team on +44(0)7876 621072  

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Hermès birkin come in a range of sizes from the smallest 25cm through to the larger 40cm and overnight travel bag size 50cm. How do you choose which one is right for you?  Firstly, your personal preference is the most important.  If you want that really large Hermès birkin bag go for it! If you want an everyday bag which can hold your essentials - go for it!  If you only ever carry a phone and lipstick and want the tiny birkin - Go for it.   If you're still considering, here’s a short guide that may help you to decide which suits you best.

Hermès birkin 25cm (L25xW13xH20cm)

The smallest Hermès birkin currently in production.  This is the ideal bag for anyone who travels with only essentials.  Expect to only fit a standard phone, sunglasses, small wallet and one makeup item.  Hermès birkin 25 is very much an accessory.  Consider which essentials you travel with as you may need to lighten the load for an Hermès birkin 25.

Hermès birkin 30  (L30xW16xH22cm) 

Both the Hermès birkin 30 and the Hermès birkin 35 are practical and stylish.  Perpetually popular as they are able to hold your daily essentials including a make-up bag and larger wallet. Many buyers do spend time weighing up the 30 vs 35 as they are both ideal handbags. For many it comes down to either, how they personally feel about the size of the bag relative to their height.  If you are 5ft5in (168cm) you may lean towards the Hermès birkin 30 due to the proportion of the bag.  As with anything fashion, trends change, large bags have been in and will be in again.  If you want the larger bag get it!.

Hermès birkin 35  (L35xW18xH25cm) 

The Hermès birkin 35 has all the attributes of the Hermès birkin 30 just with a little more room to carry additional items such as a small laptop/tablet and a charger, along with wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag and sunglasses.  A consideration for the Hermès birkin 35 is that it is a slightly heavier bag.  If you are particularly petite you may lean towards the Hermès birkin 30 rather than the 35.  The Hermès birkin 35 is a larger bag which we are seeing an increasing number of men taking interest in.  Although, we have a number of male clients who do love a smaller bag, generally speaking the Hermès birkin 35 and Hermès birkin 40 are both well proportioned for most men.  

Hermès birkin 40  (L40xW30xH21cm) 


The Hermès birkin 40 is the original size created famously for the actress Jane Birkin.  While the Hermès birkin 40 has decreased in popularity due to the current trend for smaller bags, this bag still remains popular with those who’s daily essentials require additional space.  Increasingly we are seeing the Hermès birkin 40 being worn by men who love Hermès.  We expect this trend to continue as the male beauty and fashion markets continue to blur the lines with traditionally female fashion.  Its quite an exciting time.   What can you fit into an Hermès birkin 40?  Its all your electronics, documents, phone, makeup, keys sunglasses.  You can easily pack for a full day out with an Hermès birkin 40.  Great bag really practical, particularly as it can easily be used in so many daily situations.

Hermès birkin 50  (L50xW25xH40cm) 

Now we get to the largest Hermès birkin in production, the Hermès birkin 50.  This bag is quite simply a massive statement piece.  If you are wearing this bag, you will be noticed.  Hermès birkin 50 is a very large bag, for most it would be completely impractical to wear as a daily bag. This bag is a perfect overnight bag, large enough for all your essentials, change of clothes, toiletries and electronics.   This bag is not for the faint of heart.  Be prepared that this bag will be heavier than the other birkin due to its size and the amount of gorgeous leather required to create it.  Many fashionable men have been caught styling this largest of birkin.  If you love a large bag - get it, it's for you as an expression of your style - first and foremost.

How to buy your Hermès birkin

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Hermès birkin are generally a difficult bag to buy.  Hermès limit production and have implemented a system to limit the number of birkin that can be purchased.   This has led to a significant demand in the reseller market where you can find  preowned and preloved Hermès birkin.  As they are preowned they do come in a     range of sizes and conditions which means you should be very mindful of your personal requirements for your birkin purchase.  We do have birkins come into our collection, they rarely last more than a day or so.  If you are seeking a Birkin today, get in touch with our team and they'll discuss your preferences and engage their networks to see what is available.

the Avenard Couture team will be happy to help you find the Birkin of your dreams. Contact our team today by email info@avenardcouture.com or WhatsApp  +44(0)7876 621072

The Avenard Couture team are located in London, United Kingdom.  We buy, sell and ship Hermès birkin globally including Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and the USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and all of continental Europe.  If you have a question about shipping our team are here to help.

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