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The Hermès birkin is considered the ultimate "IT" bag. A design and status Icon in it's own right. Hermès has built the allure of this bag over nearly two decades.  You're not alone if you've wondered just how Hermès has secured this lasting status.  Let's discuss the Hermès birkin.

Designed by Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas for British actress Jane Birkin. The birkin bag was released in 1984.  The bag design came about from a discussion between the actress and Jean-Louis on an Air France flight about the limitations of the handbag Jane was travelling with.

The birkin opened Hermès to a new client base.  It wasn't immediately a hit, the attraction and demand for this bag exploded in the 1990's with the coming of age of "IT" bag culture.  Hermès maintained its classic appeal, and painstaking production processes, while many brands embraced branding and the economic explosion in the 90's - who  could ever forget the Beckham's dressed head-to-toe in Burberry print.  For many brands over-emphasis on brands and moving their production to cheaper countries hurt their value in the eye of the ultra-luxe customer. Hermès have remarkably maintained their course, and placed the highest value in hand-crafted goods.  Their highly trained, artisanal workforce and refusal to compromise on quality are at the core of their continued success.  

How Hermès birkin is made?


All Hermès bags, including the Birkin are crafted entirely in France to very limited production quantities.  The value of each crafts-person is evident in the extensive training they undertake and that each Birkin is stamped specific to the person who created it.  Should a Birkin ever get damaged, it will be the original crafts-person who will repair it.  The birkin is hand-sewn using a very specific saddle stitch. Hermès ensure that only the best leathers and exotic skins are used in construction of the birkin.  It is their flagship handbag and they protect the quality of their product and brand through incredible quality control. 

Are Hermès birkin bags a good investment?

hermes birkin black vintage preloved preowned designer luxury handbag avenard couture

Recent trends suggest that the Hermès birkin may be a better investment than gold.  Like any investment you really need to know which are the premium investments and you need to ensure that you maintain the bag for it to have the opportunity to appreciate in value.  In July 2020, the Birkin has cemented itself as the ultimate luxury handbag with the auction of a diamond encrusted Hermès Niloticus crocodile Himalayan Birkin bag selling at Christie's for £230,000 ($300,000). Such is the enduring popularity of this bag, many are suggesting that a Birkin is a better investment than gold or a house.  Only time shall tell. 


Why are Hermès birkin bags so expensive?

The Birkin is a very difficult bag to obtain, the price for an Hermès birkin can range anywhere up from £10,000.  Hermès only produces a limited number of Birkin each year, demand for this bag well outstrips production.  This has created a situation where Birkin's are snapped up as soon as they are on the market.  It has also created a vibrant reselling market, as a new Birkin is difficult to obtain and many of our clients look to us to help them source their dream Birkin via the pre-loved market. 

How much is Hermès birkin 25?


The price of each birkin depends on the factors I’ve listed above.  Interestingly the key driver of price of the birkin in the reselling market is size of the bag.  A few years back larger bags such as Hermès birkin 35, or even Hermès birkin 40 were on trend, recently the trends for smaller bags particularly the Hermès birkin 25 or Hermès birkin 30.  The trend dictating the size of the bag will directly influence the resale price of any particular Hermès birkin. As always we advise to buy the bag you love above all else. 


Are Hermès bags a good investment?

hermes birkin black noir classic vintage preloved preowned designer luxury handbags avenard couture

Hermès bags are similar in some ways to stocks on the stock market.  Some bags are considered “blue chip” and likely to maintain or appreciate in value, while others the outlook is may be more variable.   We always suggest our clients purchase only the bags that they love and will want in their collection for a long time and possibly pass down to your children as a family heirloom.  Who can forget the iconic scene in Schitt’s Creek where Catherine O’Hara loses her brown crocodile handbag. 

It's an heirloom, my great grandmother took it from her husband when she left him, and it has been passed down through all the women in my family, as emergency currency, in case we need to leave our husbands in the middle of the night.” Credit: Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek

This is a humorous reference to the intrinsic value  a handbag can hold both as a family tradition similar to passing down family jewelry and as a physical currency.   If you are considering a particular Hermès birkin to one day pass down to your children, we would suggest neutral colors as they are more likely to remain in fashion than a bold or unusual color and are more likely to be appreciated and treasured by the receiver as their own. 

Do Hermès bags hold their value?


The value of an Hermès bag can vary in the resale market.  Classics such as the Hermès birkin, kelly, kelly danse and constance commonly can maintain or appreciate in value depending on color, size, hardware and condition.  Others such as the Hermès evelyne, picotin, herbag, bolide or  cinhetic  will very much depend on the trend at the time you attempt to sell.  We always suggest you buy a bag because you love it.

How to pronounce “birkin”?

Phonetically we would pronounce this as “Burh-kin”.

Where can I buy a Hermès birkin?

Shop Hermes bags including Birkin and Kelly now at Avenard Couture

Hermès birkin are generally a difficult bag to buy.  Hermès limit production and have implemented a system to limit the number of birkin that can be purchased.   This has led to a significant demand in the reseller market where you can find preowned and preloved Hermès birkin.  As they are preowned they do come in a range of sizes and conditions which means you should be very mindful of your personal requirements for your birkin purchase.  We do have birkins come into our collection, they rarely last more than a day or so.  If you are seeking a Birkin today, get in touch with the Avenard Couture team and they'll discuss your preferences and engage their networks to see what is available.  The preloved burkin you’ve dreamt of may only be a message away.  

You never know what you may be lucky enough to find!  Did you hear of Catherine B. who is a Parisian Luxury handbag collector who managed to secure the original Birkin that was made for Jane Birkin.  While Catherine B is unlikely to part with this bag anytime soon, the Avenard Couture team will be happy to help you find the Birkin of your dreams. 

Contact our team today by email info@avenardcouture.com or WhatsApp  +44(0)7876 621072

Your dream bag is only a few keystrokes away.

Avenard Couture team are located in London, United Kingdom.  We buy, sell and ship Hermès birkin globally including Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and all of continental Europe.  If you have a question about shipping our team are here to help.

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